About Us

Our Story

The idea of creating bespoke tours came from working as a tour guide for years, initially overseas but later whilst working in London as a tour guide, both on the buses and running walking tours. I soon realised that tourists were more interested in things other than the sights and attractions on the usual tourist trail. They wanted to know where Londoners go, what's on the backstreets or where can I go to see specific places that have appeared in a movie or were part of an event in history. So, I decided to create tours by simply asking what their interests were or what they would like to see and do while visiting and that is how Tours That Are Yours was created. And now we are growing...

Our Mission

It is fair to say that one person's experience is different to the person next to them, so why spend time on a tour where you're only interested in a fraction of what's you are being show? Why not LOVE 100%? Go where you want to go and hear the history you want to hear. That's why we are called Tours That Are Yours. We aim to give you a unique experience exclusively to what you want out of your adventure to the city.



Tour Guide
Chris has years of tour guiding experience both here in London and overseas, he’s passionate about the city he calls home and loves showing it off to people visiting.


Tour Guide
Rob’s background started in the theatre where he honed his performance & presentation skills in which he uses to full affect bringing to life the stories of this historic city.